No BEFORE & AFTER pictures here, you won't find them.   Just Testimonials!


When a client begins with their health transformation, they want so badly to feel better and look better but don't trust the process. The beginning client is in SUFFERING and STRUGGLING. Why would we ask her take a picture of herself when she feels at her worst??? Why would we use someone else's suffering & despair to boost our image? We know and our clients know the truth of their transformation and success. We feel that they will show the world their transformation on THEIR timeline, not OURS.

You are teaching me distance, not just short term changes but how to function in the long term...this is something that no matter what program I did, I was never really taught

11.10.2020  |  AA.

Good Morning! I have to tell you...that I have watched a few of your posts and taken some of your tips to heart. As of today, I have lost 15lbs....I want to thank you! They have helped me!!! 

10.16.2020  |  GS.

Carri Lyons, the owner of Victory Lane Health Coaching is amazing to work with. She's a great listener and gave me the tools to lose weight. Her weekly coaching help me to stay on track. The coaching was helpful to get me through my daily food challenges and the holidays with a more mindful healthy approach to eating. I would highly recommend Carri to anyone who is ready to begin their life-long health journey.

01.30.2021  |  AW.

I wanted to let you know I'm down to single digit pants size. I started at a tight 14, and bought one size 12s, when (friend) suggested I also buy next size down, so I got some 10s. I've been in the 10s for a while, and now, I officially fit in size 8! I'm SO excited! I couldn't have done this without you! Thank you SO MUCH!

01.01.2021  |  SJ.

I just wanted to say how much I appreciated for your help!! I had a physical last week and I'm down 20 lbs and all my numbers are way better! Best physical ever!!I'm in jeans that I haven't been in YEARS!! Hope all is week! Thanks again!

02.16.2021 | TP.

Carri’s coaching has been instrumental in providing the structure I needed to make healthy changes in such uncertain times. She has been inspirational as well as educational and I wouldn’t be where I am today, almost 60 pounds healthier, without her coaching. I’ve been blessed by Carri’s encouragement as well as the accountability she provides. As an added bonus, I’ve been able to meet with a small group of ladies who are on the same journey, at different points, but all headed in the same direction. Carri has helped me give the best gift I could give myself and my

02.18.2021 | MG.