Victory Lane Coaching

Is it your time to burst your old patterns and beliefs about becoming healthy?

Is it time to shed the excess blanket of protection and get out of your own way? 

Yes, it is your Time!!
It is your time to shed that unwanted weight and become free in your body and mind! 

It's time to be Healthy & Happy!


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Victory Lane by Carri Lyons. 

My belief is that each and everyone of us has a SPARK inside us.  My spark IGNITES when I know I am HAPPY & HEALTHY!

But, I can also understand that over time,  we (I am guilty, too) look for external approval to find our joy and light inside us. We follow the norm of unhealthy habits and behaviors thinking that if we follow the crowd, we will be liked and approved. Eventually, we build layer upon layer of unwanted fat and a NON-needed blanket of self protection which leads to self-doubt & self-loathing. The point may come where we may think, "If I could just take one step forward and control my weight and my health, I would feel like myself again!".

My mission is to empower individuals to take one step and shed those layers of self-doubt, self-loathing, and low self-esteem and IGNITE that SPARK within them and find their CONFIDENCE and be back in