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One x One Health Coaching teaching you how to lose that excess weight with a little bit of science and a LOT of vision! 

Our focus is the woman who is done having children and who is ready to get their body back, their livelihood back and get back their inner confidence! 

Victory Lane by Carri Lyons. 

My belief is that each and everyone of us has a SPARK inside us.  My spark IGNITES when I know I am HAPPY & HEALTHY! I LOVE feeling my legs move quickly and my arms pumping when I am out running with the dog or running up the stairs. My SPARK comes alive when I am on my mountain bike or on the back-country roads on my road bike or when I am churning up a mountain pass. This is my joy! 

But, I know that when we don't feel good inside our bodies, we won't do what we love to do. We lose that "zest" for joy and excitement. 

In my life, I have been on this roller coaster of losing weight and gaining weight. The most successful time I was losing the excess pounds is when I went from 135 to 113 lbs. Do you know why? I had cancer surgery. Yes, it took me having cancer and a full hysterectomy to lose that weight. And, I thought, "If this is what it takes to lose so much weight, I'm never gaining this weight back again!"....till 10 years later and I went from 113 to 181 lbs. Now, I am back down to hovering in the 135lb range.

But this time, I decided to study how and why we get to that tipping point and what it REALLY TAKES to get back down to a wonderful weight and MAINTAINING IT! 

This led to me sharing what I have learned and helping other women who want to lose weight and find their confidence again. I want them to smile and laugh more than they ever have because they feel so incredibly happy and confident in their body.

I know more than anyone that losing weight doesn't have to be just a diet but learning to BE healthy, learning how to shop at your favorite grocery store, learning how different calories affect our bodies. I teach this skill with a bit of science and a TON of vision! 

I believe we have the power to change into who we desire to be, habit by habit, and ultimately being in that

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